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20th/21st/23nd July 2023

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News & Updates


A weekend with smoking heads, lots of good ideas and intensive exchange lies behind the BTF organizational team.

We sat down for the second time to share the results of the visitor survey and possible implementations to discuss. It was amazing how many of you took part and how positive your reviews were! Thanks a lot for this to you!

We are now looking at how we can realize as many of your wishes and suggestions as possible. Of course everything within our framework possibilities and without losing sight of the PUNK ROCK premise. Stay tuned!


No joke, dear BTF community, we were a bit happier year after year with the line-ups of the last BTF events. From time to time there was an improvement, at least for us, and we were really happy because we couldn't believe that it was even more fantastic than the festival before. Always three days of state of emergency at its finest. And hey, 2023 will be extra fat! Look at this! We can hardly believe what awaits us there. This flyer bangs like hell throughout and we already have umpteen melodies in our ears that make us totally jittery. This will simply be the best punk rock party, with the best audience, a terrific crew and a totally extraordinary soundtrack!

Now it's your turn, share the flyer on all your profiles and shout it out loud to the world. Get your tickets in advance and give us planning security! Quick note - a quarter of the tickets are already gone and the space is known to be limited.

Please stay healthy and hopefully enjoy the days off.
Greetings from the BTF crew


Yep, you got it right! Even after you've bumped your arm, cheek or out of sheer disbelief for the umpteenth time pinched in the eye, the image of this confirmation will not change.

Just this year, COCK SPARRER celebrated their Golden Wedding and in the 51st year theirs They finally find their way to tranquil Glaubitz, 362 days a year.

We've been tinkering with this performance for a while and in 2023 it will become a reality. Kicks with Cock Sparrer one of the most important punk rock bands on the Glaubitz stage, which was there from the start, Oi! shaped and also still absolutely convincing today. Over the decades, the Londoners have not only one worldwide reputation, but have influenced countless well-known bands with their anthems and several Captivated generations of punks and skins.

We are really incredibly happy to welcome this band with you next July and this one wiill set us all in fire, "because you're young"!


Everyone who is involved with been busy at our festival for some time. And in this case Team Scheisse are a very special one Phenomenon and maybe not a completely new band after all.

In 2021 they released their first with "I brought you flowers from the gas station (now we're kissing)". LP that literally hit like a bomb. In November 2021 they played their first live show for the release of their LP in front of a sold-out audience in Bremen text safe house.

At the beginning of 2022 we went on a mini tour for the first time, which was sold out within a very short time. By now they were on everyone's lips and more in demand than water in the desert. ...and all in times a pandemic! With their special German punk, they are definitely in the right place at the right time. Your lyrics are simply... simply brilliant! They are full of humor, but also quite serious topics definitely in tune with the times.

Start collecting your deposit, because in 2023 Glaubitz will say "Insloch, beep"


THE STITCHES were in Europe for the last time in 2013, we were allowed to see them at our open-air festival in the Juha Rosswein host... 10 years later the time has finally come and they play on our baby in Glaubitz!

We'll just shut up and just quote Dirk Klotzbach's longer introduction to one Interview in OxFanzine with singer Mike Lohrman, there is no better way to describe the band, Sugar:

“Should it really be necessary to introduce THE STITCHES from Los Angeles? Should actually anyone this If you answer the question with "yes", that's how this someone would have deserved it, from the boys themselves to get a set of hot ears, or at least should be forced to, the "8 x 12" LP like that to listen for a long time until every single word on this masterpiece can be prayed out by heart. That epochal Platte, the '77 hooliganism and complete nihilism paired with a large dose of (self) destruction celebrated at a time when nobody was interested in this kind of punk anymore, what the band myself, by the way, couldn't have itch less. In contrast to many of today's bands and those of that time, who babble about a larger audience, who want to reach more people and spread a message, for that too happy to sell her soul to a major label, only to remorsefully return to the “base” two years later return, THE STITCHES have never made any secret of the fact that such moves are huge for them pass where the sun doesn't appear anyway. Why else would you be published Debut on vinyl of all times, when this medium had already cremated almost everyone? while in other bands in the wake of the OFFSPRING and GREEN DAY chart successes in the second half of the 90's as well Wanting to taste the fame, the STITCHES simply beat some into alcohol, amphetamines and other substances pickled red orgies, and live it was often not even clear whether they would even make it to the end of the songs, except that it wasn't a fake image, it was her life..." (comparatively translated »source)

Thanks also to Benny from Klownhouse Tours for keeping in touch!