NEXT BTF: 25th/26th/27th July 2024



At PLASTIC BOMB the remaining items of our merch were taken out of the boxes! The clothes are said to be soiled with festival dust and grass clippings, and of course they are no longer available in all sizes, but the price has been reduced considerably!

Get it if you missed out on taking a souvenir with you!


31 Jul - What else we wanted to tell you... THANK YOU! all the helpers from A for assembly and dismantling crew to Z for tent bar crew; Sanis, fire brigade, caterers, the administrative community of Glaubitz/Nünchritz, the forest pool team, the SV unit Glaubitz, the Roda/Glaubitz riding club and all other companies involved. A big THANK YOU goes to all bands! What brilliant acts from the headliner and newcomer bands they were.

Kisses for the world's finest audience, gathered again this year to celebrate punk rock wellness. THANK YOU for your visit, your loyalty, your encouragement, your praise and your constructive criticism! We're still bruised from the constant tapping!

Some of the innovations hit the mark (or what did you think of our new food area with a view of the stage or the expanded sanitary facilities?), others got off to a bit of a bumpy start and will need better planning and communication in the future. A special thank you to everyone who shows us understanding and especially to those who had to face the conflicts and in some cases still do. Thanks also to Rock am Berg Merkers for your support!

We have now returned home from dismantling and are still reminiscing a little - thanks to our photographers Arne Marenda (Rudeart Music & Subculture Photography) and Dirk Schäpers (Punkrock Secretary`s Pictures) - you can find their pictures on their Facebook pages and soon »HERE!

We'll see each other on 07/25/2024 at the latest for the next Back To Future.


We found the items in the pictures while cleaning up. If you miss something and recognize it, »SIGN UP.

Here are a few more details:

• The cell phone is a Vito.
• There are 69 € and pennies.
• The thin glasses are from Tom Tailor.
• HIS is written on the colorful sunglasses.
• Necklace with ship pendant
• Chain with black ring and yellow stripes
• The key belongs to the Torquay Hotel.


One more thing, at the family camp today and tomorrow there will also be some children's fun with Phyllis and Karo. Have lots of fun with it!

19 Jul - please notice

Even if we are really happy that many of you were there yesterday, we would like to ask you to think of those who will be arriving today and tomorrow. At the moment it is very difficult to find a parking space, although there are not more people than last year at the same time - but significantly more cars! To you who are already here - please move together, avoid empty space and reservations and be considerate and understanding with your camping neighbors.

We have created additional areas for camping. Nevertheless, we ask you who are still arriving to form carpools. Do without additional pavilions, otherwise these areas will be fully utilized again.

There will also be day tickets today and tomorrow, but these are without camping. For day guests with a vehicle, there is our day car park.

The first lost and found items were handed in, if you miss something, contact the people at the backstage lock on the left of the main stage. So now let's keep partying!