...via the A13 motorway / exit Thiendorf you will get to the B 98 and follow it according to your mood and travel supplies to Großenhain. Directly before Großenhain take the classial bypass of western role model. After passing this street in direction to Riesa, the next village is called Wildenhain‚ you are alreay on the home staight. Just press the brakes as far as it goes after the entrance sign of Glaubitz and you will left alive the powling conspecifics.
...the way has not really been any more difficult since the Riesa “High Way” existed. You look for the quickest route to the motorway A14, do a full brake at the Döbeln Nord exit and rest at its gas station (... with Mc D. for orientation). Acceptable for liquids and normal conversation, it goes streight on the main road B169 towards Riesa. The winding route to Ostrau can be passed quickly. Caution! The "60 km/h"-sign should be taken seriously here. At the next crossing with traffic lights, the first speed camera lurks with the ability to react to "red" and "overspeeding". After the villages of Salbitz, Stauchitz, Plotitz and Stösitz we ask for your attention next time! "30 km/h" should not be overtaken. Immediately follow the rotating speed camera after entering Seerhausen and a winding inner-city road in the intersection area B169/B6. Attention, there is a "50 km/h"- speed camera in front of the Riesa/Großenhain junction. Mastered this, leveled to Riesa over the beautiful Elbe and followed the B98 in the direction of Großenhain. After a little through town you will reach the "object of desire".
... just drive to the end of the construction of the relatively new motorway A17 and let yourself be driven brilliantly in the direction of Chemnitz/Leipzig (sometimes not in the direction of Berlin, let alone to Bautzen/Görlitz) From triangle DD - West on the motorway A4. The highest level of attention must be paid to the Nossen motorway junction, you have turned towards Leipzig onto the A 14 and turned off at the next exit, "Nossen", you have already mastered your handicap. In Riesa you reach the "High Way" towards Großenhain and you may meet like-minded people from the direction of "Old Germany" (see above).
... have it most comfortably, but also need a certain "bite" to get to their destination. Once you have reached the train station Riesa you are spoiled for choice. On the Regional-Express Leipzig - Dresden you can open a beer and chug on to the Glaubitz train station. Jumped off the train there, you should still be able to walk well, in order to be able to complete the 1.5 km to the Glaubitz riding arena. Maintaining communication and the ability to orientate is very helpful because locals know the secret routes. A little tip: It is possible to take bicycles with you, but only to a limited extent.

The walk is much shorter if you decide to take the bus from Riesa. Stop 5 across from the train station is easy to find. First of all, one of the bus routes attracts more attention:

- 441 - Riesa - Zeithain - Nünchritz - Roda - 442 - Strehla - Riesa - Zeithain - Nünchritz

to dedicate. Getting a seat should not be the problem. After a leisurely drive through the Saxon countryside, you follow those still present at the "Dorfteich Glaubitz" out of the vehicle and stumble casually to the festival site. With a little luck you will be spared the stressed out drivers and can indulge in the party without stopping in the Riesa hospital, which is not recommended.


Anyone who uses navigation devices or applications can find the relevant information here.


Reitplatz Glaubitz
Sageritzer Str. 34
01612 Glaubitz


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