24 May
The daily linups are here!

In the "New Normal" a post like this would now appear loud and clear: drum roll, excitement, in the background the flyer and above it a teasing neon sign flashing nervously "80% OF THE TICKETS SOLD - STOP!!!" fuckin' whether an outdoor punk rock festival like this would ever really have been sold out in advance... We'll save you this fuss and instead come with a few facts today to make your planning easier: The daily breakdown is here! Answers to questions like: Who is playing on which day? Can I make it to Mom's coffee and cake on Sunday? Dog sitter? Take a vacation? ...and all that nonsense. The exact running order will follow sometime at the beginning of July.

In addition to our wonderful festival hard tickets, you can also purchase online day tickets for Friday and Saturday from today. As every year, we only offer box office tickets for Warm Up Thursday. Follow the general link to the presale, there you will find the day tickets below! Have a great weekend!


20 May

The Thuringian punk rock institution PUNKROIBER will unfortunately be giving us one of their last performances ever. Reason enough to ask singer and Back To Future veteran Lars two more questions:

1) Lars, are you actually a real BACK TO FUTURE veteran? With the band and also as a guest - you were and are always welcome. How many times have you actually been here this summer and what was your "first time"? Veteran sounds... old. I can't really say when the first time was, the 90's were so exciting and I was out every weekend with or without a band for years. I can remember bands like Oxymoron, Rejected Youth or Feine Sahne's first steps at the BTF, I know that I didn't take part in the move to Dessau and that I've been at the riding arena for 12 years in a row. In 2014 and 2019 also with the Punkroibers.

2) Since you've probably already seen everyone and every band in the punk rock universe - is there still a band in this year's line up that you're excited about and you're curious? Sure. Although I have to say that I would come to the BTF even without a big line up, just to meet old friends, drink non-alcoholic shandy, chat, meet new people and reminisce. I'm looking forward to The Selecter, The Undertones (for example, I haven't seen them yet and hope they're not boring live), Lower Class Brats, Red London or Hard Skin. But I always like to be surprised by new or unknown bands. The Runnings for example. And hey Daniel, I'd like to wait another 12 years to see Sham 69 (with Jimmy Pursey) and New Model Army in Glaubitz. I will continue to come to Glaubitz in July. Up to now it was always the case that I had 2-3 bands on my list after the festival and bought their records because they were so good live or surprised me.

3) Have you ever actually been to a forest bath? I only ever know you with a denim vest... Of course! I've been there a few times with the kids and of course I also went to the forest pool. Without denim vest. On Fridays and Saturdays the water is always 1-2 degrees warmer, even if the sun isn't shining. But you're right, I don't really like showing off my body in swimming trunks. But lying around in the shade or taking a shower in a friendly atmosphere is something I like to do in the forest pool.

4) Old hands can do anything, time for praise and constructive criticism: Is there something about the festival that appeals to you these days I particularly like it and - conversely - is there anything you liked better 10 or 20 years ago? Basically, I always find the friendly, family atmosphere at the BTF particularly special. Admittedly, the frame has now become a bit too big for me and the area is sometimes too crowded. This is how I experienced stress for the first time in the last 2-3 years, because as the number of people increases, so does the number of unpleasant festival visitors. But it was usually always resolved quickly. Kind regards to the order group!

The new layout of the area is really good, it was necessary and it relaxes the festival again. Otherwise, I'm always happy about the mix of bands that reflects the mix of the audience. The BTF always manages to have something for every taste. Old, established cult bands and contemporary, young bands on one stage. It should stay that way, neither the “old” nor the “new” audience should feel excluded by the band selection. Although, as I said, I think the older ones in particular always like to come, no matter who is playing, just to have a good time.

What bothers me a little in the last few years is the internet discussions the festival, where people come from all sides who have never set foot on the riding arena or people who can never please with anything. I always feel very sorry for the many helpers at the BTF.

5) The sparrows are whistling from the roof: The PUNKROIBER are playing their last concerts. When can we ask about reunions again? Will you at least stay with us as a guest? Logo, we will see each other more often as guests. But it's too early to speculate about a reunion - even though we haven't broken up yet. Since we never made any money with the band, we can't be lured with a high fee. And anyway, will anyone still want to see us in 10 years or will anyone even know us then? But I don't rule out the possibility that we'll get our asses up again at a 77th birthday or a wedding. You know, something special.


14 May

"The people are all really nice. They don't look like it... but they're really nice inside!" Have we already found the intro for a potential 2024 aftermovie? “Our village has a weekend” - an MDR program - recently portrayed Glaubitz. At around min. 18 the Back To Future is also introduced, "Mom, I'm on TV!" - »JUST LOOK IN!

29 Apr

“You have shit on your feet, you have shit on your feet!” - Such a Larifari introduction to a serious matter: In the last few days we've received two band cancellations that, as far as we can tell, don't sound good at all. Unfortunately, both THE GENERATORS and THE FREEZE have to cancel their planned summer tours for health reasons. There's even been a for Cliff Hanger by The Freeze »GoFundMe Fundraising campaign set up. From our side All the best and hopefully a speedy recovery!

At the same time, the request from GUM BLEED from China fluttered onto our desk, and - here we go - Punx Save The Human Race! Old school Nietenkaiser punk from the so-called Middle Kingdom, a perfect Tinder match between our regular audience and the band! So: GENERATORS & FREEZE are unfortunately out (shit), GUM BLEED are new (cool!)!


24 Apr

Auf THE MEFFS freuen wir uns ganz besonders! Die machen gerade richtig Furore und sind aktuell mit BUSTER SHUFFLE unterwegs. Im Sommer geht es dann auf wesentlich grössere Bühnen. Kurz vor Tourstart haben wir Sängerin Lily für unseren kleinen Fragenblock erwischt:

1) Eure Tour- und Festivalplanung sieht absolut krank aus: Ihr spielt auf den NOFX-Abschiedsshows, seid auf dem REBELLION in Blackpool, im Vorprogramm bei ALICE COOPER und als Kirsche auf der Torte auf unserem BACK TO FUTURE! Was soll denn danach noch kommen? Die Rentenpläne sind geschmiedet: Villa in Spanien und dort natürlich jeden Tag volles Brett englisches Frühstück! Im Ernst: Wir sind so gespannt auf die ganzen Sachen die du aufgezählt hast. Es war ein harter Weg und eine Menge Spass um hierhin zu kommen. Schon 2023 so etwas wie das DOWNLOAD Festival zu spielen war komplett irre - und jetzt gehts plötzlich Schritt für Schritt so weiter! Leben auf Tour!

2) Apropos Tour: Was ist der wichtigste Punkt auf eurem Rider und womit kann man euch unterwegs eine Freude machen? Supermodels und Zuckerwatte!

3) Wenn ihr einen Blick auf den aktuellen Festivalflyer werft, gibts da paar Bands auf die ihr euch freut? Ich habe noch nie THE SELECTER gesehen, die sind ganz oben auf meiner Liste. BOOZE & GLORY! "THIS IS NOT A FASHION IT'S A WAY OF LIFE". CHUBBY AND THE GANG (The Chisel are great) und BAD NERVES (die kommen aus unserer Gegend). Das Line Up ist Spitze!