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21st/22nd/23rd July 2022

News & Updates


Nope, we are not starting from zero in 2022, but we're happy with you that we have a whole bunch of great bands that will shake the riding arena next year.

What now looks like a compensation for the last two years, promises to have much more in the hindquarters.

Spread the word: the countdown is running!

Dear BTF-community, the pre-sale is open!

the last few weeks and months have been a fuck-up marked by highs and then deepest lows for all of us! But that will definitely change. But before we come around the corner the day after tomorrow wth the first announcement for 2022 and push the boat out, we want and have to clarify something organizational - the tiresome issue of tickets.

If you are unable to attend the new date July 21 - July 23, 2022, you can register the tickets you have purchased from us for return by e-mail by December 31, 2021. Please send us a message to and you will receive information about the process. Anyone who has purchased their ticket at an external advance booking office authorized by us must contact them regarding the return by the end of the year.

Finally, for a special treat: We give all former ticket holders * who have already returned their entry ticket due to the cancellations in 2020/2021 the opportunity to purchase their old ticket again at the retail price at the time. You read that right! Anyone who would like to respond to our suggestion can also send us a short email with the relevant information and name to

BACK TO FUTURE - Postponement to 2022

We are now tired and exhausted - what a fight, what a cramp!?! We hardly dare to say it, but we have to admit that there will be no BACK TO FUTURE / GLAUBITZ OPEN AIR in September.

We are incredibly painful to have to tell you that we are repeatedly postponing our all baby. New date: 21.-23. July 2022! With our original decision to reschedule the festival, we hoped to be able to hold a safe event in September without any worries. The protection of everyone involved in this event is and will remain our claim. We spent months tinkering with possible concepts and model projects, ultimately everything wasted!

Great hope on the way to “cultural freedom” was based on a high willingness to vaccinate and the associated political relaxation in matters of open air permits. We were apparently too hopeful and naive ...

The presale tickets from 2020 and 2021 will be carried over to July 2022. The line-up in the coming year will be awesome, that's for sure. We now have to let everything sink in and process it ourselves and will get back to you with more information in the coming days.

Dearest, your BTF-Crew