30 Nov

Dresden's answer to THE BRIEFS, THE KIDS, THE SHOCKS and generally to everything that fidgets, wears ill-fitting jackets and sunglasses: THE PISSED ONES! How many times have we heard the stupid phrase “fist on the eye” during the few band announcements? Is it still bearable or is it already annoying? Well, you know what we want to say - Pogo you fuckers, the PISSED ONES are here!


29 Nov

Rough, jagged garage punk with a heavy NDW influence. A bit like HANS-A-PLAST and IDEAL crashing at a party with the SHOCKS. The upper lip pulled up, the middle finger stretched out but still with a huge amount of good mood. Songs about New York and Chemnitz, political, sarcastic, fidgety and catchy. The Schmelztiegel Berlin has brought the four musicians together, we are really looking forward to THE INSERTS' first appearance in Glaubitz!


28 Nov

Now we have already announced 15 bands and haven't even mentioned our forest pool yet! Of course, our annual secret headliner will be back at the start in 2024: It’s not hard, not far to reach, it’s barely 100m to Glaubitz Beach! (Ramones playing in the back). And so the transition to the next act succeeds quite gallantly - because hardly any band stands for sun, beach and surfboards more than the fantastic TURBO A.C.'s! Somewhere between Social Distortion, Devil Dogs, Hellacopters and the “The Warriors” soundtrack, the Americans have created their niche for over 20 years: full-throttle Rock N’ Roll with a good-humored surfer boy attitude! Welcome Back TURBO A.C.’s!


27 Nov

No power to drugs? For heaven's sake! We take the overdose: School Drugs are there! The New Jersey Punx mix the perfect cocktail of BLACK FLAG, BAD BRAINS, old BAD RELIGION, POISON IDEA and the like. Hectic, nervous, melodic and aggressive, almost crocodile stretched with rhubarb liqueur from the main counter. 80's hardcore and melodic punk, the best of 2 worlds, transferred to today and now - with circle pit and everything that goes with it! For the first time at Back To Future!


26 Nov

DETLEF? What a band name! Who is still asking? How can you not be interested in DETLEF? The “legitimate and militant arm of SUPERNICHTS” - the shoe is already there and the Back To Future regular breathes a sigh of relief. So we stubbornly stick with the “they fit like a glove” bands. Detlef Cologne from Cologne impress with their staccato-like wit and jagged, pogo-ready 1-2-3 punk. The three DETLEFs will probably make fun of us, you, the other bands and themselves. But we all have to go through it. And very much so!


25 Nov

Back To The Future - That's a perfect fit for THE GENERATORS, because the Californian punk institution is returning to Glaubitz after 10 years! The group around Doug Dagger and Mike Snow is something like one of our all-time favorite bands, the prototype of a successful fusion of punk and rock n' roll. Finally back, finally Back To Glaubitz!


24 Nov

There is great joy here to finally be able to present to you the “favorite band” of the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution: RESISTENZ ‘32 from Leipzig-Connewitz! Stable, political and above all unembarrassing German punk with a lot of 80s / early 90s charm. Hard and angry, anti-fascist, loud and with clear positions, all packed into amazingly melodic songs, plus an impressive stage presence. Times are bad, "times of crisis", the look at next year's elections is already making us shudder. “The best punk songs are created in bad times.” If it weren't so sad... In any case, the time is more than ripe for RESISTENCE '32 at our Saxon provincial festival!


23 Nov

We're interrupting the BTF band announcements for today for an important announcement. We would like to show you the EAST TRASH FEST #12 in the KOMBI NÜNCHRITZ for the next Saturday, November 25th. to heart.

A few kilometers from the Glaubitzer Reitplatz the trash party starts at 5 p.m. with lots of hot bands. Just go there, just go to the flat countryside to the only subcultural club in the region!

22 Nov

BTF consensus band or what? But they are also always welcome regular guests. THE CASUALTIES, one of your most requested favorite bands...! Especially since they love our festival - it's certainly up to you. So how could we otherwise but fulfill this wish (besides play, excitement and...)? Pogo you fuckers! We really don't have to introduce the Nietenkaiser to anyone anymore, do we?


21 Nov

CYANIDE PILLS, THE MEFFS, LOWER CLASS BRATS and now the BERLIN BLACKOUTS - we just continue in the “It fits like a glove” league! For almost 10 years, the band has been delighting fans with their relaxed mix of SOCIAL DISTORTION, BACKYARD BABIES and THE CLASH - all flavors that should suit us and hopefully you too. We're also saving the beer tickets for drummer Chris, because we already have him sitting backstage with KOTZREIZ. BERLIN BLACKOUTS and the BACK TO FUTURE, that really fits like a glove, Tom and Jerry...