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  • • Swimming pool about 200m away from the festival area
  • • Railway station (Bhf Glaubitz)
  • • Supermarket
  • • several restaurants in the village


* For an environmentally friendly journey by train you can go directly to the Bahnhof Glaubitz. For the route on foot, roller skates or even by car, you can find the Back To Future Festival as an official entry on Google Maps. The campsite with ticket office and wristband exchange is on Großenhainer Straße (coordinates: 51°19'29.3"N 13°23'12.6"E).

* As always, festival and day tickets are available at the entrance to the campsite. Also the ribbons for your tickets from the »PRE SALE is available there.

* Upon presentation of your B note in the severely handicapped pass, your companion can of course come to the festival free of charge. Please contact our crew if we can support you in any way.

* If you want to travel with children, our family campsite might be something for you! Unfortunately it is already fully booked this year. »HERE there are more information!

* Children and young people under the age of 16 may only visit the festival if accompanied by an educational officer. Admission is free up to and including 13 years of age and there is a whopping 50% discount at the box office for up to and including 15 years of age. For free or reduced admission, please bring official proof of age with you.

* Unfortunately, festival guests between the ages of 16 and 18 without a guardian must leave the festival site by midnight in accordance with the Youth Protection Act. When accompanied by a person responsible for education, the time limit does not apply. Legal guardians are parents or other persons with custody, as well as persons commissioned by them to supervise. This person must be of legal age and guarantee a relationship of authority, so siblings and friends of the underage guest are unfortunately not allowed to exercise this function. You can find the form for the educational assignment under the Downloads and must be presented during the event along with a copy of the identity card of the legal guardian(s) upon request. Please note the additional information on the form!

* As always, camping on our campground is included in the ticket for weekend guests. Access to the camping area is only possible with wristbands. From Thursday morning you can find a cozy place and park the car right next to your tent. When parking, please always apply the handbrake and switch off the engine!

* For day guests we have again set up the day parking lot opposite the campsite.

* As in the past, there will be no garbage deposit and so that it can stay that way in the future, you will be provided with one (if necessary more) garbage bag(s) at the entrance. When leaving the festival, please dispose of your waste in the container provided. If you smoke, please use an ashtray at your campsite and try to dispose of your cigarettes in bins. The dismantling crew will be forever grateful!

* Mobile toilets and toilet vans with flush toilets are sufficiently available on the festival site and the campsite. For the first time there are two shower containers on the campsite area in addition to the shower facility in the forest pool.

* You will find a barrier-free toilet near the toilet wagon on the festival site and another one each at the campsite and in the forest pool.

* The Line-Up with details of the playing times can be found under Downloads. On Thursday the warm-up show takes place in the tent, on Friday it continues at 11:00 a.m. in the forest pool. As usual, Friday and Saturday from 3:00 p.m. the game will be played alternately on the tent and open-air stage. The main acts play on the big stage from around 8:00 p.m., and from 1:00 a.m. the partying continues in the tent.

* The Waldbad is open from 10 a.m. Tand its stage will be used on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. The glass ban understandably applies here too! There will again be a beer truck, a cocktail stand and snack bars.

* For the hangover breakfast, the crew of the local restaurant "Drei Lilien" will take care of you in their breakfast tent in the front area of the campsite. In addition, they are mobile with the "feeding cube" on the campsite with coffee and solid breakfast food. In the forest pool, the baked goods stand is waiting for you with coffee, cake and rolls. Since last year, the Waldbad has also been saying "finally fries" - not only kids are happy about that. On the festival grounds you can get coffee and vegan cake from the local punk rock shop KOMBI from Nünchritz. This year for the first time there are vegan doner kebabs, burritos and fries from Kitchen Riot! In addition to the crêpes stand, there will again be a wide range from TERRAZZINO from Riesa.

* In the municipality of Nünchritz-Glaubitz there are several shops, restaurants and a savings bank with ATM.

* Awareness - We want a successful party for everyone - without discrimination, harassment and crossing borders! If you feel bothered, need help or observe situations that seem critical to you, please contact our awareness team, who can be identified on the festival site by wearing high-visibility vests. You will also find a direct telephone contact on our info flyer handed out at the cash desk. Of course, you can also contact another person from the crew at any time, who will immediately take you to a secure retreat and hand you over to the awareness team. If you observe physical complaints in yourself or others, please contact our paramedics or the crew, who will then inform the paramedics.

* Our Shire will soon be home to horses again. The sweet little horsies can get badly hurt from broken glass, which is why there is an absolute ban on glasses on the entire site, including the forest pool (aka "Waldbad" and okay, we make an exception for glasses). Incidentally, this also applies to mustard, jam, pickles, wine glasses, deodorant, creams and lanterns - so please make sure to pack your food and cosmetics glass-free. Baggage and vehicle checks are carried out at the entrance.

* Ban forbidden? Unfortunately we have to set some limits and so weapons of all kinds, pyrotechnics and flammable objects as well as illegal drugs are not allowed at the entire festival. Plastic confetti, too, please stay at home in the interest of nature conservation. If you absolutely cannot do without, please use ecologically degradable alternatives.

* Unfortunately, furry, feathered and other animal favorites cannot share your festival joy - so please leave your pets in caring hands and enjoy the weekend all to yourself with your people!

* Avoiding rubbish - also outside the festival - is the top priority! Please support our dismantling crew by using our disposal options and preferably also an (pocket)ashtray - there will be a limited number of these free of charge to take away at the checkout.

* No vandalism! Please refrain from stickers, tagging and graffiti on the festival and in the village. We have to return all rented items undamaged and clean, otherwise this can lead to additional costs, which are ultimately reflected in the ticket prices for subsequent years. The municipality of Glaubitz has a positive attitude towards the open air - as long as we leave it in good condition. This means, for example, that every year after the festival we have to scrub stickers from the lanterns, traffic-signs, information signs, place-name signs and bus stops. So please save your stickers for better opportunities where they will be seen for more than just a weekend.

* Tattoos and clothing that show unconstitutional, racist, xenophobic, violent or other inhuman content or characteristics will lead to exclusion from the festival without reimbursement of costs. We're not discussing here!

* Forest fire level 5 currently applies, which means barbecuing on the campsite is not possible. Please understand that we want to protect our guests, the crew and the premises and that we have to follow official regulations. There is of course enough provision for the varied procurement of food!

* Open fires are strictly prohibited due to the increased risk of fire. Instead, you can heat up in front of the stage with your favorite bands!

* Pyrotechnics, gas bottles and other flammable objects have no place on the entire festival site!

* The instructions of our security staff must always be followed. In the (hopefully not) case of emergencies (e.g. emergency vehicles, evacuations) take care of yourself and others and make sure not to obstruct the measures! As always, paramedics are on site and stationed near the entrance to the infield and on the edge of the campsite.

* Sound, photo and film recordings must be registered with us in advance!

* The festival area and the campsite are located on unpaved, uneven surfaces, i.e. fields, meadows and sand. Unfortunately, we cannot create any paved paths, as the areas are only rented from us for the time of the Open Air. We therefore ask wheelchair users to contact the person accompanying them or our crew if they need support. (Of course, your accompanying person can come to the festival free of charge if you present your B note on your severely disabled person’s pass.)

* A wheelchair-accessible Dixie will be provided on the campsite and in the infield for eligible persons. In addition, you will find a wheelchair-accessible toilet and shower in the forest pool.

* After talking to concert-loving wheelchair users, we decided not to have a separate wheelchair platform. If you would like to watch a show from the stage pit with your companion, please contact our stage security.

* The Back-to-Future Open Air is a rather small festival with limited possibilities (both in terms of space and finances), which is why the entire site is filled with high noise levels, crowds and light effects is to be expected. So please think about your personal aids (hearing protection, glasses, gadgets,...) and confide in your affinity group. If your stress limits are exceeded, please contact our awareness team, who can temporarily take you to a safe retreat. However, we ask you to only use this offer if it is really necessary, so that this (very small) safe space remains a place where people can actually find peace and security.

* If you have any other questions, tips or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! We strive to continue to break down barriers over the next few years and therefore look forward to your constructive criticism and suggestions!

* Under 18? – Please fill out »THIS FORM and bring it with you!

* »HERE there is a terrain map

* »HERE there is specific information about the family tent site