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25 Jun
Final spurt

Only 30 days until the BACK TO FUTURE Festival 2024! 30 days sounds like a lot, we actually wanted to start today with our internally planned "30 days to a beach body" challenge, but we are slowly entering the hot phase of preparation. Maybe you can give us a little support? Since we don't quite have Check24's advertising budget, we still need old-school support:

Please share the flyer on your pages, make Tik-Tok videos in front of our posters and invite your friends. There are a few nice concerts and festivals taking place in the next few weeks, if you want to hand out flyers and posters for us there, please contact us by email - we still have a few packages lying around. Thank you!


21 Jun
Attention hard ticket fans!

Only 5 weeks until the punk rock wellness weekend in Glaubitz!

The organization team is rotating at full speed and is already preparing for the temporary move to Glaubitz. Since we have our hands full with the preparations, it will only be possible to order our elegant hard tickets until July 17th, 2024.

From July 18th, 2024 you can still order festival tickets to print out online at TixforGigs ... or you can continue to order our hard tickets from our authorized dealers (CoreTex Berlin, Gothic-Second-Hand Leipzig, Selectorz Großenhain), as well as in the online shops of ANGRY VOICE Records, Contra Records and CoreTex.

If you would like to secure this popular collector's item without pre-sales fees, it is best to order it today as the number is limited. Collective orders make sense (one-off postage) and make our work easier when shipping.


18 Jun

After a short and serious illness, Arthur Hendrickson, one of the singers of THE SELECTER, died a few days ago - absolute horror news that reached us last week. We are still affected and sad: “Gaps” – rest in peace.

Of course, turning this catastrophic news into a - well - "service post" doesn't feel right. Nevertheless, we owe you the information that - after consultation with the band's management - THE SELECTER's planned summer shows will take place as planned and therefore they will also play at BTF. Pauline Black in her own words on social media:

“The Selecter will continue to perform, bringing the message & spirit of 2-tone to audiences everywhere."

Let's celebrate the work and life of "Gaps" in Glaubitz together.


11 Jun

Sunday's election evening took a massive toll on our mood. Not only do we see our protected baby at risk in the long term... However, there is no danger this year, the community of Glaubitz has assured its support. We will comment again in the coming days when there is more reliable information.

So first of all, our slogan: We will always be there! ...and maybe we can cheer you up a bit with this year's announcement trailer. As always - we'd be happy if you shared it! ...perhaps more than usual due to the current circumstances - because we are slowly entering the home straight towards Back To Future!


08 Jun

Summer is picking up speed, which means for us we're heading towards the festival with "Seven Mile" flip flops. But today Gregor from RISK IT! the word:

1) Gregor, you come from Dresden, not far from Glaubitz. I'm sure you've been our guest before... Well, RISK IT! are now a small institution when it comes to hardcore in Germany. How would you make BACK TO FUTURE appealing to a typical hardcore fan? In fact, BTF left a formative impression. In 1998, back then under the name "Unity Is A Weapon", it was the first festival I was able to experience. The line up speaks for itself and I basically hope that even HC-inclined listeners already have the BTF on their radar. What makes BTF special for me (like Endless Summer RIP before) is the atmosphere. Not an event-Otto festival, but a relaxed get-together to have a good time. The whole thing is organized by people who come from the subculture themselves and put their heart and soul into it. The bottom line is exactly the things that make the difference and you can feel that as a visitor. There is also an outdoor swimming pool right next door. What more could you want?

2) We've rarely had flawless hardcore bands in the past, apart from acts like NEGATIVE APPROACH or HAMMERHEAD. How do you get the punk rock place up and running if, contrary to expectations, things don't go smoothly for you right away? The flyer from '98 already features bands like Full Speed ​​Ahead and Right Direction. Adolescents have also been there several times. So there have always been a few acts from the genre and I have to admit that I don't really think about that stuff. We're looking forward to the show and if you can convey something as a band, you usually get something in return.

3) Your drummer is Straight Edge and always has to drive you. That's good for us, so we save on accommodation costs. But how does he keep it up? What do you think is going on in his head when he's allowed to drive you home? Haha, it's best you ask him yourself. Since there are usually six of us on the road and half of them are Edge anyway, I think that puts it into perspective quite well. So it's not like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde whip through the night alone. The bigger problem is usually agreeing on the point of departure after the show, as I like to chat away.

4) The obligatory final question: Are there any bands in the line-up that you (or you) are particularly looking forward to? 7 Seconds, The Briefs, Red London, The Pissed Ones and Hard Skin