26 Feb

...finally some of you will say. For months we have been receiving emails about how registration for this year's family camp is going. Sorry that we had to delay your festival planning for a bit.

Yes, there will be FUTURE KIDZ again at Back To Future in 2024! Early musical and socio-political education remains a need for us! We also found a new area for the family camp, located a little away from the festival area, therefore quieter, a little larger and just a stone's throw from the forest pool. The new area will also accommodate many more families with caravans, mobile homes, etc. Another innovation this year will be that we are introducing an age limit. Only families with children aged 4 and over have the opportunity to register for the family camp. Proof of age must be presented on site. As the number of visitors to the festival grounds increases in the evening, the risk of accidents for the kids increases when they wander around among the crowds. For this reason, we have decided that children under 12 years of age are no longer allowed on the festival grounds from 8 p.m. and should please return to the family camp from that time onwards.

We have made registration easier for you. »HERE is the link to register with further additional information ! Let's start today! We look forward to seeing you and the FUTURE KIDZ!

25 Feb
OI!RONIE- Short interview

Oi!RONIE is now live and in person on our festival stage for the first time. As the campsite photo from 2022 shows here, the Berlin band is dealing with real BTF professionals. It's obvious that the band around singer Mia has to be the first to serve in our little Q&A:

1) We are pretty sure that you have already been seen at the BACK TO FUTURE counter, how was the festival request received at the Oi!RONIE headquarters? Pure enthusiasm and anticipation!!! And for the first time we weren't annoyed that we missed out on the early bird tickets again.

2) Looking at the rest of the line up: Are there any bands that you are particularly looking forward to, regardless of your own performance? Oha. We have very different tastes within the band. But: Tompa and my personal highlight are definitely Hard Skin. Noi!se also caused euphoria for the majority of us. We will definitely watch 7 Seconds and 8°6 Crew together too. I'm also really looking forward to seeing Resistance'32. But in the end we sink into the forest pool anyway.

3) Blistering heat, alcohol and people constantly chatting: what's your trick to getting through 3 days of festival well? File Under: Experts give wellness tips: The forest bath solves all problems. Shower, hunger, karaoke. The body has no chance of giving up. We are so much Team Waldbad that we stroll there again on Sunday to say goodbye. Thanks for the invitation. We enjoyed ourselves very much!!!


23 Feb
Off to the weekend with the current clip from 100 KILO HERZ (GER)!

In the summer, the hats and anoraks are swapped for bucket hats and sunglasses: the band from Leipzig's new video has been out for a week, and the current EP called - of course - "Herz" has been released! This is still available at CoreTex Berlin, among others - and once you're there, you can add one, two or five BACK TO FUTURE tickets to your shopping cart. Have fun with “Fluss Abwärts”!


18 Feb

It's not due to poorer visual behavior on your part, KNOCHENFABRIK really isn't on the flyer anymore. And that even though we had already fully announced Claus & Co.

"Was ist bloß passiert?" Well, unfortunately a scheduling conflict prevents the band from appearing at BACK TO FUTURE, but we are already in very positive discussions for next year's edition. We say SORRY with a heavy heart and hope that this downer remains the only one in terms of band cancellations.

18 Feb
BACK TO FUTURE 2024, The Final Flyer

Glaubitz is calling - with fantastic bands, a relaxed festival atmosphere and our proven credo “Punk Rock Wellness”! If you want, you can dent your helmet at lunchtime in the Waldbad, just a stone's throw away, because the first bands of the day are there! Then we get down to business on the main stage and tent stage until late into the night: because punk is simply the hottest thing! We hope we've met your taste when it comes to booking and from now on the following applies: help us spread the flyer as widely as possible. Back To Future 2024, how cool will that be?